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We are planning to integrate Gmail our support management platform.

I have a question regarding the restricted scopes. In the restricted scopes they had given following API endpoints.

mail.google.com/ (includes any usage of REST, IMAP, SMTP, and POP3 protocols)

But I had seen another Gmail API endpoints without listed in restricted scopes


Above endpoint is also called as Gmail API but url is different and is not listed as restricted scopes. So does that means we can use it without 3rd party verification?

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To use IMAP and/or SMTP and OAuth 2.0, Google requires you to use https://mail.google.com/ scope.

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That means, if iam using API endpoint gmail.googleapis.com (Which have rate limits, i can byepass the restricted scope?
This scope is not valid for IMAP/SMTP access.
I specifically don't need IMAP/SMTP acces. My requirement is just to read mails and send mails and manage labels. Which they have endpoints with gmail.googleapis.com. I'm yet to figure out the difference between SMTP/Imap access and this GMAIL API access.
I don't think restricted scopes are that easy to bypass and I think you are confusing scopes with an url of some API.

Again this is *not* the scope for IMAP, POP3, SMTP access.
To use Mail.dll you need to use https://mail.google.com/ scope.
Yes you are correct. I think we should stick with limilabs for O365 and other emails and use email forwarders for gsuite.

Does this app password doesn't need restrictive scope verification? So in that way, how to adds cope while submitting the APP verification?

One more thing, does this restrictive scope applies to GSuite /Workplace Email also?

App password access doesn't need to go through verification - it's not an OAuth 2.0 flow.

Within organization you don't need your app to be verified.