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Context : Mail.dll 3.0.21294.1630, licensed release

I'm trying to get messages from Exchange mailbox that contains corrupted email with Pop3 components.

Unfortunately, the program raises "MESSAGE CORRUPTED" exception (Pop3ResponseException)., although that I can correctly open those messages with Outlook.

const string K_Server = "outlook.office365.com";
const string K_eMail = "test@test.com";   
const string K_Password = "xxxxxxxxxxxx"; 

    using (Pop3 pop = new Pop3())
        pop.ConnectSSL(K_Server, 995);
        pop.Login(K_eMail, K_Password);
        List<string> uids = pop.GetAll();
        MailBuilder builder = new MailBuilder();
        foreach (string s in uids)
            byte[] data = pop.GetMessageByUID(s);
            IMail iMail = builder.CreateFromEml(data);
catch (Exception)

Any help would be nice. Thanks.

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If you are getting Pop3ResponseException it means that the error is raised on the server and is only returned to the client (Mail.dll).

Looks like Outlook's POP3 service can not access/parse this message and is not even able to return it to the client.

There's nothing you can do with this to be honest, except maybe opening a ticket or contacting your administrator.

You may try accessing this message through IMAP instead of POP3.

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What I do not understand, is why Outlook client can open those corrupted mail.
I think I'll try IMAP connection, but it may "not" work same as POP3.
Outlook is not using POP3/IMAP internally. It is connecting to exchange with some proprietary protocol. Also Exchange is not storing messages in the raw MIME format internally.

Is there a way to get and save data of so corrupted mails to standard file (eg.) ?

Unfortunately this is a server side error. Server doesn't return any data. There's nothing you could save.

I'd try using IMAP. Code would be almost exactly the same.