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Good morning,

I have done this before and it worked fine, so i'm not sure what the problem is now. I am sending an email and including a BCC address. The main addressee (To) is getting it, but not the BCC addressee.

Here's my code:

builder.From.Add(New MailBox("cbc@from.com"))
builder.To.Add(New MailBox(ToAdd))
builder.Subject = "XXX Payments"
builder.Bcc.Add(New MailBox("brian@to.com", "Brian"))

email = builder.Create

If email Is Nothing Then
    MsgBox("Error:  Email could not be created", MsgBoxStyle.Critical)
    Using MySmtp As New Smtp
        MySmtp.Login(userid, pwd)

        Dim result As ISendMessageResult = MySmtp.SendMessage(email)
        If result.Status = SendMessageStatus.Success Then
            MsgBox("Email sent")

Can you please help?

You were correct that I had the To and the BCC set to the same address, I tried changing one and then both addresses appeared as RCPT TO....but the BCC was still not getting delivered.

The issue actually isn't with Limilabs at all, it's the sendinc.net SMTP server that appears to be failing to send to any BCC address. I have submited a support request with them to see if they can correct that. Sorry to waste your time!


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Your code looks correct.

Can you turn on logging:

My guess is that both addresses (To and Bcc) are the same.

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