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Dear Support,

We are using the oAuth2 authentication by "password grant" mode. According to documentation as a requirement the "SMTP.send" permission is necessary. I wondering if it is possible to use iMAP for sending emails instead of SMTP protocol.

My customer reported to me, that Microsoft said to them that the mail mode "SMTP.send" is deprecated and we should use "Mail. Send".

Could you help us with this issue?

Fernando Richter Vidal

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SMTP is for sending emails, IMAP is for receiving them. It is not possible to send emails using IMAP protocol.

To use SMTP protocol your application needs to have following permission in App registration on API permission screen:

Microsoft Graph/Delegated/SMTP.Send

and you need to use this scoper in your code:

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I mean...

Is there a way to use Mail.Send Instead Smtp.Send ?

According to the Microsoft Link, is possible to send mail using Mail.Send.



No, it is not possible. SMTP protocol requires SMTP.Send.

Last question.

Using smtp, we can say it uses modern authentication? Or it uses basic authentication?

It uses modern OAuth 2.0 authentication token. It's not basic authentication.