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I use method Imap.GetHeadersByUID(uid) to get a raw header of a mail message.
After that I get MD5 hash of this header and I store hash and full eml blob in my DB.

Now I have the necessity of reverse find the hash from the full eml.

I can create an IMail object from the MailBuilder.CreateFromEml(emlBlob) but I can't re-create the exact MD5 hash of the headers because I can only access to the "Headers" property that return a parsed HeaderCollection but no raw data.

Are there any other methods/properties that I can call to achieve my target.

I have a 2-years contract with you. Are there any business support channels?

Thanks in advance.


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IMail doesn't expose raw headers data.

You can split headers and body yourself. They are always separated by "\r\n\r\n" sequence.

You can use our support email (at the bottom of every page) or contact us form

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