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i have a question about the recurring appointments. We're currently building a web mailer with a calendar and now we want to add recurring appointments to the calendar.
I took a first look at the RecurringRule Class in the documentation and inside our application as well.

I got two test appointments until now:
Recurring every Weekday with no end date starting 01.09.2014 and
Recurring every 2nd Day with no end date starting 01.09.2014

But the end date is always displayed as 02.09.2014. How can I recognise the not existing end date for my appointments?

Thanks in advance

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Are you using the latest version of Mail.dll? What version are you using? I assume you are only parsing the appointments using Mail.dll am I correct? How are you getting the end data? Can you attach those appointments?
Used Version: 3.0.12135.1804 (quite old, but we have no possibility to update atm)
Yes I get to the appointments with the IMail Class.
The application uses an IMAP sync to get the mails. The mail files (.eml) are directly downloaded to our Server and accessed trough the mail.dll
I'd need to see such file/ical appointment then. Could you please also show the code you use to get the end date, and provide expected result? You can use support email to send those data.
I've send you a mail with two .eml files and a short Explanation. Thanks

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This iCal event has a single recurring rule, that allows this event to take place 15 times. The rule doesn't define the end date (Until property is null), but rather defines the number of events (Count property).

Please take a look at this unit test:

 IMail mail = new MailBuilder().CreateFromEmlFile(@"c:\ends after 15 events.eml");
 Event e = mail.Appointments[0].Event;
 Assert.AreEqual(null, e.RecurringRules[0].Until);
 Assert.AreEqual(15, e.RecurringRules[0].Count);
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Thanks for your help, I will calculate the end date as I Need it.