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when convert the .msg file ,exported by outlook and is an encrypted and signed mail, to Imail ,
The message said
"The file provided is not IPM.Note,IPN.Note.SMIME.MultipartSigned, its message class is IPM.Note.SMIME instead"

I guess that the private key should set in somewhere , Can MsgConverter set a private key to do that?
Here is the code.

MsgConverter converter = new MsgConverter("encrypt-signed-mail.msg");
Msg2IMailConfiguration configuration = new Msg2IMailConfiguration();
email = converter.CreateMessage(configuration);
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Are you sure that you are using the latest version of Mail.dll?

I think that currently MsgConverter doesn't support encrypted msg messages, but I'd need to check that.


Latest version supports all encrypted/signed versions of MSG messages.

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yes, im using the latest version of Mail.dll.
Thanks for your help first