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I am trying out your demo code but I can't logon to my pop3 mails server using vb.net.
I have created a web page with a button. In the buttons event code I try to connect to the mail server and logon. I keep getting a logon error. I can telnet to the same server and logon with the same username and password. Here is the code in the button event. It fails at the pop3login.

Using Pop3 As New Pop3()
            Pop3.Login("dwhite", "xyz")

            ' Receive all messages and display the subject
            Dim builder As New MailBuilder()

            For Each uid As String In Pop3.GetAll()
                Dim email As IMail = builder.CreateFromEml(_

                Dim subject As String = email.Subject
                Dim email As String = email.Text
End Using
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Pop3.UseBestLogon("dwhite", "xyz")

instead of:

Pop3.Login("dwhite", "xyz")

Other than that, most likaly you provided incorrect credentials. Check the Message property on exception thrown for details.

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