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Hi all, I've an application which uses mail.dll which I licensed (at least) 10 years ago. It's rarely used, but one customer has tried it and it no longer works with gmail or outlook - and I can confirm that. I'm guessing the current version may fix the problem, if I download the latest version will that work with my existing license?


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I've tried replacing the mail.dll - it fixes the problem with outlook (haven't tried gmail yet) but the old license doesn't cover this version. So, can I buy an upgrade for the license or would I have to buy a whole new license?

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Please contact us directly (you can find support email in the page footer), or use https://www.limilabs.com/support contact form.

Updating customers always get a better deal.

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In most cases updating fixes old problems.

10 years without any problems - Mail.dll is a good email component!

For example Gmail requires using OAuth 2.0 for IMAP, POP3 and SMTP now
(it's fully supported by Mail.dll component)
you you can use app passwords:

Same thing for Office 365, in most cases OAuth is the way to go:

You can find Gmail's and Office OAuth 2.0 IMAP client samples here:
(simply search for OAuth)

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